An Article posted June 6th on abc news states that Jeff Sessions himself has suggested he may resign.

Justice Department spokesperson Sarah Isgur has no comment on the matter when asked for a statement. Sean Spicer said things, none of which indicated he had any idea what was going on, which is his natural cruising altitude so nothing out of the ordinary there.

The big issue that has Sessions feeling this way is apparently the disdain Trump has for the Attorney General as a response to his sudden decision in March to recuse himself from any investigations involving Russia. Apparently, Donald holds one hell of a grudge.

After all is said and done it’s hard to see this as a bad thing. Sessions is essentially a walking talking manifestation of a landfill that’s been topped off with hot decade old cat shit and rotten assholes.

The good news is if March is any indication of what’s to come, we should expect to see Rand Paul going out of his way to fight for liberty in some kind of completely useless manner while he talks about how important liberty is and gets nothing done to advance liberty in an attempt to try and help people forget that he endorsed Sessions at the Attorney General.