About Us


In the past, the term ‘dank’ had been known to reflect something musty, damp. These days? Dank refers to something that’s high quality, top of the line. And that’s exactly what we’re intending to do with Dankertarians: Take the liberty movement into dank territory. The Dankertarians are an approach toward the Liberty movement that attempts to bridge the gap between the old and the new generations by embracing online counter-culture. We’re using meme culture to bring interested and liberty-minded people together, and then, in turn, helping facilitate the advancement in the liberty movement in the right direction. The direction of education, progress, and action.



Our goal is to promote liberty and Libertarian principles, solutions, and candidates. We support, advocate, and applaud activism. We appreciate conviction and place a high regard on accountability and responsibility.

The ultimate goal of the Dankertarians is reaching out to all who are willing to listen, to educate Libertarian principles, and normalize the ideas of true liberty and freedom.