Collateral damage is a general term for deaths, injuries, or other damage inflicted on an unintended target.

The newest victims to be affected by the war on drugs? Law enforcement officers. A new article from AP suggests that there are growing instances where officers (the canine units as well) are encountering opioid overdose as a result. The cause seems to be when the medication is broken into a powder, and becomes airborne or more effectively passed through the skin when granular.

Just another bit of collateral damage from the always growing war on drugs. For anyone who hasn’t been paying attention, here is a brief overview thus far:

• War on drugs begins
• Black market is created
• The black market is now so powerful it enables criminals to be funded well enough to take over the government of an entire country.
• Costs over 60 billion dollars a year (taxpayer money)
• President that doesn’t understand why people are running from their home wants to spend billions on a wall to keep them out.
• Medical marijuana is reported on largely as being effective, nevertheless, legislation is a completely uphill battle.
• Synthetic drugs are legal because the government has granted monopolies to the pharmaceutical companies to properly monetize addiction, apparently. They are delivered to the market much faster than legislation for legal medical marijuana.
• Opioid epidemic ensues
• Now law enforcement officials are becoming victims of overdoses of drugs that have been popularized due to a demand that came from a market opportunity the government handled improperly due to a muting of market signals. This is a market opportunity (the need for more effective pain medication) that had already been met if one listened to market signals (reports and information available in large volume and depth describing the effectiveness, and desire from consumers for medical marijuana, specifically as it pertains to pain management.) Market signals that were muted, because that’s what happens when the government takes part in controlling any portion of market activities.

Here is an article that lays out where Spicer is incorrect about the correlation between Recreational Marijuana use and the Opioid crisis:


Here are some reports outlining studies about how legalizing marijuana leads to less fatal issues related to opioids:


And here is some information on areas that have actually legalized marijuana, and are seeing opioid fatalities and overdoses decrease:

Opioid Deaths Plummeting in States with Legal Weed


And that was just on Google’s first page.

If you’d like to research it further, there’s plenty of available information


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Add law enforcement officials to the list of opioid overdose victims of the war on drugs

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