Why does society not think we could live peacefully by ourselves to do as we please, so long as we do not force ourselves on others or their property?

Would you just decide to go poisoning water wells? I mean, after all, you would still risk the punishment of other residents like you do now.

So with all these laws, why do we not have a peaceful society by now?

There are a lot of causes and majority are based in political actions, but now we have the knowledge and means to accomplish this goal. Not only that, but it can be done by the proper means intentionally through peaceful secession, rather than that of a governmental collapse.

The first thing which must be understood is that government is merely made up of people. People who we have granted collective power to. We now use them as simplistic delegates to solve our political issues by using their organization of merely other humans who have power. No matter how many laws, or how many people consent, there is no way to ensure that a human in politics could ever avoid the need for public appeal overcoming their stances. I mean after all, if one politician is saying they need to do nothing and wait, or if anything do less; then the opponent saying there is a problem that they need to fix will naturally be the one favored.

It’s in our nature to want immediate gratification for fixes of society. This simple error continuously sets precedents of needing more government in different areas. Meanwhile, the people saying they will do those have lined their pockets more and more with the money of those benefitting. For the majority of citizens, it is hard to realize that the partisan bickering is merely arguing over who has control of the nation’s extorted money, and the top donors are those who directly benefit.

This continuously happens again and again. Increasing spending and power to one side or the other. There’s really no end because the government can never fail as long as everything it does is legal, and only the individual politicians can be punished. They never have to worry about bad results if their term is going to expire anyway. This enables them to provide so-called “safety” as if they were the only ones who could do it and express little concern otherwise. That major misconception is a widespread fallacy. The government can only provide inefficiently by making certain areas seem more efficient while simultaneously hurting the entire economy by devaluing the currency.

Now comes my second point. There is nothing government can do which a private business could not do better. Especially since they are the ones who monopolize the highest bidders with their laws, then try to tell you more voting can fix the imbalance those monopolies have. We really do not need them for anything.

I know what you’re thinking, and everyone does at first.
“Who will protect muh freedom?”

However, it’s not like society would not be protected. On the contrary, a secession into statelessness would thrive based on the interest of those who abuse government’s monopoly on force now.

When the government is no longer around to force payment from citizens in order to benefit oligarchical constituents for defense contracts and monopolizing the society’s defenses, then the ones most concerned with keeping the society safe wouldn’t be looking out for the individuals, but rather the property they are liable to pay for. The insurance companies.

That on top of millions of wealthy investors from all over the globe would be investing heavily to manufacture in a society with no taxes, creating seemingly unlimited job growth. All of those investors would also be investing to maintain the security of their investment alongside the insurers. With all this production occurring and no minimum wages, it would be harder to be unemployed than it would be employed. As more investors make their business models and buy land, the more employees will be needed by them.

Regulations which they would otherwise need to adjust for themselves to meet consumer demand would no longer be mandated on a national level and causing the employment, wages, and prices to suffer for the new price floor and unnatural production line shift. It would no longer be a select few businesses who would have otherwise failed, but get subsidized by tax dollars. No more allowing them to become monopolized into the 1% due to continuous profit with no risk of failure. Enabling them to produce crap quality, crap prices, crap work environments, and crap wages with no repercussions.

On the contrary, they would have to compete for the only available labor in that area to work at their investments. No more shopping for jobs. Jobs would come shopping for you!

Since there’s all this production, no taxes, and no unnecessary regulation then the cost of living itself comes down substantially. Not only does this allow a charity to cover far more people who need it, but also to do it far more efficiently. Also since those businesses are no longer able to abuse law for their advantages, they have to use ‘less evil’ routes such as appealing to the public outcry of charity to compete. I myself would rather buy from the guy donating to what I liked. On top of that, right now we already see in the organics industry how third-party certifications are thriving against the “USDA Certified Organic” because the qualifications aren’t arbitrarily mandated laws, they are merely a standard to be met. There is no good reason to let a single entity have a monopoly on safety certification, that is an area that needs competitive innovation! We should have video dissections of all our products online by now!

Once you consider the newly lowered costs of all items in the economy along with the jobs, it would clearly enable poverty to decline in levels we have ever seen. Furthermore, there would be no regulatory price floors on the size of land purchases, along with the type of building you could construct either. Not only does rent become immensely cheaper, but so does owning property, to begin with. No more stopping people from living in little shacks if they wanted to.

Roads? Schools? Hospitals?
Basically imagine the city halls turning into competing for delegation and insurance firms for firefighters, security [police], road payment, arbitration courts, insurance, electricity, water, sewage, garbage men, charities of things like land preservation by collective purchase, etc, etc….

Except you don’t have to pay for what you don’t want to.
Your government would be COMPETING for your money, not taking it from you with force.
Plus it would all be an incredibly cheaper without the bureaucracy creating price floors on every one of those services! Crazy pipedream? That’s what the redcoats said about the revolutionaries! Threatening that their livelihoods would be in great peril if not for the kingdom’s protection. Yet when they finally tried to rebel, the kingdom turned out to be the threat they spoke of!
That is why they ensured we would have the right to peacefully secede from a tyrannical government at any time.

All we have to do is get the majority to realize that after all is said and done….. We really don’t need government for anything, and we are better off without them. The only reason they enacted the US federal government was because of fear. The fear that without being able to use force to do things like pay for emergencies, that they would be overcome again by the British or another battle.

Many don’t know that we were closer to voluntary anarchism prior to the US Constitution with no issues under the Articles of Confederation, and ease of secession. However back then they didn’t have the technology, as civilized of a society, high standards of living, and concept of morality we do today against slavery. They didn’t have means to create big insurance agencies, they had no other way to imagine payment of their protection and laws enforcement rather than forcing it out of the citizens.

But we have that now….. We can do it.

Look at that neck-beard!

This isn’t some overnight basement dweller’s fantasy…. This is a long thought out and thoroughly detailed Austrian economic-based society. The structure of which is continuously being outlined with more detail by an infinitely growing amount of scholars and professors who have dedicated countless hours of work to promoting this intellectual revolution. Not only do they have the most rational understanding on what the concept of “freedom” is, but they have now been able to create a global movement thanks to modern technology.

Nearly all have studied more economic history than all of congress, and who understand the concept of “freedom” with far more rationality.

It’s time for another revolution into a more prosperous society yet again.
This is the future. This is Austrian economics.
This….. is Anarcho-Capitalism.

Check out the Mises Institute to learn more at mises.org. It is entirely free online and dedicated to planting the liberty seed. Everything you could think of has been covered explaining how it would be done, and how much better it would work.They have a vast library of over 300 books, and counting, relating to Voluntarism and Anarcho-Capitalism. Along with dozens of hours of video discussions and audio. There’s also a course available to help guide you through it all for $20 to support their cause plus some quick tutorials on Austrian economics, including a “boot camp,” available through either their website or going to the Youtube channel “misesmedia.” Spread the word, and go plant some seeds!



The Case for a Voluntary Society

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